Since kindergarten, my father has prepared a desk for me. It’s ginger. But when I get to primary school, I have more and more knowledge to learn. Gradually, my desk can’t put any more learning supplies on it. My grandfather has changed a big desk for me. At the beginning, I like it very much. But I forget the good habits I have developed gradually. When I go home, no matter the table or the small one Dinner table, as long as I don’t put anything in it, has become the place where I do my homework. My mother criticized me many times. Sometimes I think why I’m lazy now. I think I’m too relaxed. Later, I’ll pick up my good habits gradually. I’ll try my best….

上幼儿园起爸爸就给我准备了书桌,是个姜黄色的 ,可是到了小学后 ,要学的知识也越来越多,渐渐地书桌上再也摆不下我的学习用品,爷爷又给我换了一个大的书桌,刚开始我还挺喜欢的,可是渐渐的之前养成的好习惯都被我忘记的,回到家,不管餐桌还是小饭桌,只要没有放东西,都成了我写作业的地方,妈妈批评了我很多次,有时候我自己也在想为什么我现在变得懒了,我想是我自己太松懈了,以后,我要把好习惯渐渐拾起来,我要努力。。。