If we talk about the cowboys in our class, that s quite a lot. Xueba Liu Yiding, talented girl Li Jiaying, Zheng Yuqi who plays table tennis, and Yang Jiayi who runs very fast… But what I admire most is the all-round Li Jingge in our class.

要是说起我们班的牛人,那可还真不少。学霸刘壹丁,才女李佳颖,打乒乓球的郑宇骐,跑步超快的杨佳怡 但是,我好好好佩服的,还是我们班的全能的李京格。

Sometimes, I really envy her. Think about it. Calligraphy is the first in her class. Art, that s the first class. Population, no offence. And learning, has always been at the top of the list. This is really not acceptable.

有时,我真的羡慕她。你想想,书法,她全班第一;美术,那可是一流的;人缘,没得罪过人;还有学习,壹直就名列前茅 这真的是不服不行。

Let s start with her best drawings. No matter what is painted, it is vivid and vivid. I remember that it was the time when the TV series Peach Blossom in Thirty Miles and Three Lives hit the air. One day at noon, she came up to me and handed me a slice of palm sized paper. I didn t care about it at first. I took it with her. I looked at it and asked her, this is Yang Mi s head! You got the picture there. She listened and said to me, What are you talking about? Where is this picture? This is what I painted! ____________ I was stunned and painted… It s actually painted. The atom bomb exploded in my heart. Look at her accustomed expression. I couldn t help but draw. Why is the gap so big? There s no way. She s such an omnipotent.

先说她好拿手的画画吧!不管画什么都是栩栩如生,跃然纸上。记得那时正是电视剧《三生三世十里桃花》热播的时候。有天中午,她走到我面前,递给我壹张巴掌大小的纸p,我壹开始也没在意,随手接过,定眼壹看,问她: 这是杨幂的头像呀!你在那里弄到这图p的。 她听了,对我说: 你说啥?这哪里是图p,这是我画的呀! 我当时就一脸懵逼,画的 这居然是画的。我心里的原子弹爆炸了,再看看她壹副习以为常的表情。我忍不住扶额,都是学画画的,差距怎么这么大呢?没办法,她就是这样全能。

The teacher said that people draw well and write well. However, this sentence certainly does not work on me. Every time I put my homework together with Li Jingge s, you will know what is called no comparison, no harm.


This is enough, but her popularity is not generally good. As soon as the class is over, she will be surrounded by a group of people in front of her seat. As a good friend, I always crowded in front of her. Really, want to cry without tears!


Speaking of parents favorite learning, every time the transcript came out, my mother would recite what she said to me. What How did you learn it? Look at your grades. What s the rot? You also play with people Li Jingge, play together, you have to learn the advantages of others ah! Just go crazy… Alas, since then, Li Jingge has been the other people s children in my eyes.

说到家长好喜欢谈的学习,每次成绩单发下来,我妈对我说的话我都会背了,什么 你怎么学的呀!你看你这成绩,烂成什么了?你还和人家李京格玩,在壹起玩,你就要学习人家的优点呀!就只顾得疯 唉,从此以后,李京格就是我眼中的 别人家的孩子 。

Our class s smart person, her stunt, is really enviable.