June 1st,2013

Dear mom and dad,

How time flies! And it has been really seven years since I entered the middle school, during which time I spent the unforgettable time with my friends; what’s more, the most precious ages with my family. Instead of calling you regularly, I thought I’d write a letter to tell you exactly what I want to say.

To be good parents is by no means an easy job as I imagined before. It includes patience, responsibility and affection. Through these years, I here really gained a lot from your experience. I still remember when I failed in maths and even wanted to give it up, you just patted me on the shoulder and encouraged me to have another try. Later, you praised me for my progress and earnest effort, which really gave me a sense of achievement. Looking younger children, I suddenly saw myself in teenage years. I was so rebellious and inconsiderate at that time. You must have gone to a lot of troubles for me. I am really sorry for the time I made you irritated.

Mom and dad, thank you for being firm with me when I went through my rebellious stage. I do appreciate what you have done for me. I love you forever.

Yours loving boy,

Zhu Bajie