School is like my home, I love my home – on campus.

  In the school this warm family, teachers, like mother like care for our students like to help each other as brothers and sisters, here, we grow up happy, everyone could not have a happy heart.

  Morning, the flowers and trees in flower beds have opened their smiling faces, as if in what I said: “The children, I wish you success,” Here, I and the students together as happily as birds learn to fly happily. “I love blind, blind love me” This is my favorite word. Venus Venus bright light, like my heart, I learned more knowledge and understanding of the world. If I was admitted to a university, I will always remember the blind school, blind school to remember each and every teacher, is the toil of their days and nights of my strict requirements, I can get such good results, I love blind I also like to thank Kai-ming.

  In the future, I will be more efforts to study, for the blind Zengguang luster, so that even more dazzling Venus.