Let’s Build a Green City Together!(让我们一起建设绿色城



Let’s Build a Green City Together!


As a middle school student of Ezhou, it’s our duty to help build a green city. So how can we help protect our city’s environment and make it a greener place to livein?Here are some small things we all can do and should do.


First of all, we can ride bicycles or walk to school as much as possible to reduce air pollution and avoid traffic jams. Secondly, wherever we go, we should throw rubbish into dustbins to keep our city clean and tidy, and we shouldn’t spit everywhere.Last but not least, we should plant as many trees as possible to protect our city’s natural environment and make our city more beautiful.


In my opinion, a green city is the key to a healthy life. If everyone makes a contribution to building a green city, Ezhou will become a better place to livein. Let’s take actions now!