During Thanksgiving activities, I did many things, help mom and dad to help dad with a with slippers, help my mother sweep a sweeping the floor, pour out the trash, I also did a lot of things.


I used to think of sweeping the street cleaners work is bad, but I now know, cleaner can give me a very beautiful and clean living environment, so I want to develop good health habits, don’t litter, can also reduce their labor.


I would also like to thank the police uncle every day is that they are erected in the center of the intersection to direct traffic, because without them we would not have good traffic, but also a lot of people death, I well abide by traffic regulations.


The teacher is my most need to thank, because they taught me to be a man of truth, and all kinds of knowledge, I want to be in the teacher’s teaching, to learn earnestly, grow up to do as the teacher.


I also want to mom and dad said: “thanks!” I must study well with excellent achievement to repay their parents for raising me.