My favorite male star_600字



   There are many handsome male stars at home and a broad .I like Yang Yang alone.

   After watching his “Whirlwind Maiden” and “a little smile” I like him .He was the male good in my mind ,the movie force of my study ,the first person I thought when I met the difficulties .

   He is really good .Not only does he grow handsome ,he  is good performance,and his personality is very good .He is very kind .He will not show of or hype.

   I especially hope that I can see and take a photo with him ,leaving his number ,QQ , and asking for a sing nature. This is my dream now ,and I hope he can be my brother .I  know this is unrealistic ,but I believe there will be that today .

   I will support him all the time .

   What about your  favorite  male  star ?