Reading—A good Habit



你喜欢阅读吗?请你以 “Reading—A good Habit” 为题写一篇有关阅读的短文。


1. 你的阅读习惯(喜欢的书籍、阅读的时间地点、购书方式等等)。

2. 阅读带给你什么益处(至少两点)。

3. 号召大家都读书。


 1. 不能照抄原文,不得在作文中出现学校真实的名称和学生的真实姓名。

2. 语句连贯,词数80词左右。




Reading—A good Habit


Reading is a very good habit. I like reading very much. In my eyes, I think that forming a good reading habit is necessary for us. It can not only improve our knowledge but also make us to think over more different things efficiently.


Besides, we can do some reading every time when we are free. For example, I often read some of my favorite books in my spare time both at home or in the library. What I like most are story books because most of them are quite interesting. Now I often buy my favorite books on line for its big discount.


Finally, I like to share my favorite books with our family or my classmates. Since reading can benefits us a lot, it’s time for us to have our good reading habit now!