My Favourite Great Book



请以“My Favourite Great Book”为题, 根据下面的问题写一篇80个词左右的短文, 注意适当表达自己的看法。

1. Who is the writer of the great book?

2. What is the main idea of the book?

3. Who are the important characters?

4. What’s the theme of the story?



My Favourite Great Book


My favourite great book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. 


Tom Sawyer is a lively and clever boy. He lives with his aunt Polly. His aunt is strict with him, so he runs to an island in the middle of the Mississippi River with two friends, Huck and Joe. With Huck, he goes looking for treasure; with Becky, he gets lost in a cave. And finally Tom and Huck find a box of gold. Tom is the hero of the story, but there are other important characters. Becky is pretty with fair hair. Huck is Tom’s best friend, and Injun Joe is the bad man of the story.

The theme of the story is to do with children growing up and becoming more serious.