My hometown is a beautiful place, it is in the countryside, because it is far away from the city, so the environment is very natural. The water is very clean, I can even see the fish and the mountain has many green trees. But I like the morning best, because the air is very fresh and there are voices from nature. The frogs and other animals always are calling in the morning, I like listening to their voices, they sound like the songs for me. What’s more, the fog makes the country look like the wonderland, I will never know who will come to me until it is close to me, I like this mysterious feeling. 我的家乡是个美丽的地方,它在乡村,由于它远离城市,因此那里的环境很自然。水很清澈,我几乎能看到鱼,山上有很多绿油油的树。但是我最喜欢早上的时候,因为空气很清新,还有很多来自大自然的声音。青蛙和其它动物总是在早上叫,我喜欢听到他们的声音,听起来像在为我歌唱。而且,雾气让整个乡村看起来像仙境一样,我永远都不知道谁向我走来直到它走进我,我喜欢这样神秘的感觉。