In China, people usually have three meal a day, they are breakfast, lunch and supper.   People usually have breakfast from seven to nine in the morning. There are many kind of food for them to eat, such as nuddles, eggs, fried dough sticks and soy milk. They have lunch at about twelve at noon, usually have vegetables, meats and rice. They have a short rest after lunch. Supper is about at six in the evening. All the family eat together, they eat the same kind of food as the lunch. Some people like to have some fruits after the meal. 在中国,人们通常一天三餐,早餐、午餐和晚餐。 人们通常在早上7点到9点的时候吃早餐,早餐有很多种食物,例如面条、鸡蛋、油条和豆浆。他们中午12点左右吃午餐,一般吃蔬菜、肉和米饭。午餐过后休息一会儿。晚餐在晚上6点左右。全家人一起吃,他们吃的食物跟午餐的一样。有些人喜欢在饭后吃些水果。