Yesterday was a really bad day for me.

假如你是Tom, 请记述你昨天不同寻常的一天:

1. 闹钟没响,所以起床晚了;  

2. 想洗澡时,爸爸已经在洗澡了;

3. 没吃早餐去赶公交,可到达公交站时车已经走了,只好跑到学校去;





Yesterday was a really bad day for me. 


To start with, my alarm clock didn’t go off so that I got up late. By the time I got up, my father had already gotten into the shower. Then I rushed to the bus stop without breakfast. By the time I got there, the bus had already left and I had to rushed to school. When I got to school, my teacher had already started teaching and he was really angry with me. Then it was time to hand in homework, but I had left it at home. I was really embarrassed at that time.


One good thing was that my history teacher said something good to me because I had done a lot to prepare for this class. It was the only good thing for me yesterday.