I like music that I can dance to


要点:1. 你很喜欢这个节目,特别是节目播放的歌词很优美,是很棒的英语歌曲。

2. 在你学习感到疲劳时,会打开收音机听这个节目。

3. 从节目中你学到了很多单词。

4 告诉他你最喜欢的是什么类型的音乐,请他帮助你介绍一些相关的歌手和CD。


Dear Philip,


My name is Li Ming. I am a middle school student. I often Listen to your program at night. I like it very much,especilly the English songs. 


I like the English songs that have great lyrics. Every night , I will turn on the radio and listen to  your program when I feel tired. It helps me relax myself. By the way,I have learnt many English words from these songs.


At last, I like singers who can sing clearly and write their own songs. Can you introduce me some singers and their CDs? You can send me e-mail at Liming@yahoo.com. 


I am looking forward to hearing you. Thank you very much!


Li Ming