3 nights ago a human being changed my world forever.  三天前,一个我认识不久的人彻底颠覆了我的整个世界。  His name is Shane and I can’t believe I found him.  他的名字叫Shane,真不敢相信我会遇到他。  We’ve been dating for about 4 months now and every day seems to be better then the last.  至今为止我们已经交往了4个月了,每一天都很开心,而且比前一天更加开心。  From his sense of humor to his amazing interests to his warm smile  无论是他幽默的谈吐,他令人赞叹的学识,还是他温暖的微笑,都让我倾心不已  he’s wonderful and cute.  总而言之,他是一个很棒的男人,还很萌萌哒呢。  But it wasn’t until 3 nights ago that I realized how in love with him I am  直到三天之前,我才意识到,自己已经深深的爱上了他  because of a single act of kindness.  仅仅是因为他的一个小小的善举  We were having date night and he’s trying to suprise me with a salsa class.  那天晚上我们正在约会,他还给我预定了一节萨尔萨舞的课堂作为惊喜。  He heard me say on our first date I always found dancing amazing  从我们第一次约会起,他就听我说过,我觉得舞蹈这种艺术非常了不起  and wanted to be a ballet dancer when I was young  我说过自己小的时候一直梦想着能成为一名芭蕾舞演员  but I never got the chance.  可是我从没有机会实现这个梦想  Now at 29 I figure salsa or something would be more fun.  我告诉过他,如今,29岁了,我觉得萨尔萨舞之类的会更有意思。  So he decided to sign us up and we would begin classes.  所以他决定给我们俩报名学习萨尔萨舞。  On our walk we were about to get on the subway until it happened.  我们一起散步,走到地铁站附近的时候,那件事发生了。  I was talking and I kept noticing he was looking over at someone not listening.  我正絮絮叨叨的对他说着什么,他却侧目看着某个人,没有注意我说的话。  Finally he said I’m sorry babe can you give me a second I need to check something.  最后他对我说,对不起,宝贝,你能等我一会儿吗,我得去看一看。  He walks over to a young girl maybe 19-20 years old  他朝一个看上去大概十九,二十岁左右的年轻女孩走去,  who was crying on a bench in the subway.  她正坐在地铁站的长凳上哭泣  As I approached I realized she was homeless for some time  我走过去,发现她已经离家多日了  and all she had was a single bag.  她全部的所有物就是一只背包  She said to him all she wanted to do was to go home.  她告诉她,她唯一的愿望就是回家  He asked where she lived and it wasn’t even in the city.  他问她住在哪里,不料她的家远在另一个城市  She was in need and looked scared.  看来她真的需要帮助,而且十分惶惶不安  So in this moment many would either hand some money over or wish her luck or maybe let her make a call.  在这种情况下,许多人大概会给她一点钱,或者祝她好运,又或者把手机借给她用一下  Shane did much more.  Shane却做得更多  He pulls me aside looks me right in the eyes and says  他把我拉到一旁,直视着我的眼睛对我说  ”Kelly I can’t leave her here like this.“  Kelly我不能把她丢在这儿不管  I know it’s weird but I’ve been really down before too  我知道这听起来来很奇怪,可是,我也经历过这样的困境,真的  and sometimes people just need someone to not only help  遇到这种情况,人不仅需要帮助  but believe they’re telling the truth.  更需要别人相信他们在说实话  He said would u mind if postponed and help her?  他问我愿不愿意暂时推迟约会,先去帮助她?  I said of course no so the journey began.  我说当然可以,于是这一夜的经历就开始了  We went to two women’s shelters with her  我们带着女孩去了两个妇女庇护所  and to no avail they weren’t taking anymore people.  结果都无功而返,对方都不愿意再接纳新的来客了  It was a bit cold and well we’re not the richest people with our student loans  天气有些冷,我们都是背负着教育贷款的学生,自己也不富裕  so we really couldn’t afford to pay for a hotel room in the city.  所以我们支付不起酒店房间的费用  So Shane with his trusting heart of gold says would I mind spending the night at his place and asking her to stay with us.  可是Shane有一颗金子般的赤子之心,他问我是否介意在他住的地方过一夜,还请我去邀请女孩一同前往  He figured she would feel comfortable with a girl asking her  他想到,由我作为一个女孩子去问那个女生  if she’d like to spend the night and we’d figure it out in the morning.  问她是否愿意和我们共度一晚,明早再找新的办法,这样对方更容易接受  I mean here I am with a guy I’m starting to fall for  想想看,此时此刻,我和一个自己爱上的男人在一起  and he’s willing to bring a stranger in for the night out of the cold.  而他去要把一个陌生人带回家去,以躲避夜晚的严寒  When I asked her she truly weeped and thanked me a million times  当我问她是否愿意和我们一起共度一晚时,她真的哭了起来,不停的向我道谢  but little did she know it wasn’t my idea and honestly I’d of never of done this.  她不知道,这其实不是我的注意,而且坦诚的说,我从没做过这种事  But he has this gravity about him that just pulls you in.  可是他就是有这种感染力,能让你投身到这样的善举之中  We get to Shane’s house and I have some clothes there  我们来到了Shane家,幸好我在他家留了一些换洗的衣服  so I gave her some stuff that would fit and let her get a shower.  我挑了几件合身的衣服交给她,  In the meantime Shane ordered pizza  在此期间,Shane买了披萨饼  and when she came out he made her feel so cozy like he’d known her for 100 years.  女孩洗完澡出来的识货,他周到招待,好像他在招待一位认识多年的老友一般  We ate pizza we played a board game we laughed  我们吃了披萨饼,玩了桌牌游戏,开怀大笑  and then he made her hot tea and we watched his favorite movie The Big Lebowski.  接着他给她泡了热茶,我们一起看了他最喜欢的电影,《谋杀绿脚趾》  He made the couch up for her and we went to bed.  他把沙发布置了一番,让她睡在沙发上,接着我们都去睡觉了  In the morning he made us all breakfast and then told us he’d be right back.  到了早上,他为我们做了早餐,告诉我们他要出门一会儿,很快就回  He said he was getting us good coffee.  他说,他要求给我们买上好的咖啡  He comes back  不久他回来了  and she was finally able to get a hold of her sister on someone’s phone in her home town  她也联系上了她家乡的一个不认识的陌生人,并通过此人终于联系上了她的姐姐  and she had a place to go.  她终于有地方可去了  Shane drives her to the bus station and buys her a ticket and hands her an envelope.  开车把她送到了公汽站,为她买了车票,还把一个信封交到她手中  Here I found out when asking where he was today he’d gone down to the pawn shop  我问他今天早上到底干什么去了,这时我才知道,他去了一趟当铺,  and pawned his iPad to give her 120 bucks to get home  他当掉了自己的iPad,换来120美金,让她可以回家  This man gave his home his time his care his money and his food to a complete stranger.  对一个素不相识的陌生人,这个男人奉献出了自己的住所,他的时间,他的关心照顾,他的钱还有食物  He trusted her that she wanted to go home and just needed help.  他相信她,相信她真的只是想回家,真的需要帮助  He changed how I view the world and in that moment I fell so deeply in love with him.  是他改变了我对整个世界的看法,此刻我感到自己深深的爱上了他  I don’t even know how to show him what this meant to me but I know I will become more like him.  我甚至不知道应该如何告诉他,这件事对我有多么重要的意义,我只知道,我希望自己能变得和他一样【看这里~】如果大家有兴趣的话,请关注【
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