I went to the Mu zha zoo with my friends last Sunday.It is on the road to Mu zha in taipei.It took us about forty minutes to get there by MRT.There was a big Mcdonald’s near by the zoo.There was so many people that it took us some time to buy the tickets.Around the entrance there were many vendors they were selling toys and puppets.We took a look at these verdors and then went inside the zoo.

  There were many sections in the zoo,like bird world,the animal area,the penquin house and the koala house.We just follow the crowd and wactched those cute animals.Some animals were cute and funny,such as the parrots:and some others were lazy,like hippos.It was the sunny day so we were take a rest under the tree when it was too hot.After we visited all the sections I like all of the animals in the zoo except for some crazy monkeys.

  I was most inpriced by the nocturnal animal house.I usually enjoyed watching those animals because I thought they were cool and beautiful,like the owls.Another reason I like the nocturnal animal house is because it was cool in the house,but everything was a little smelling.We left the zoo in the evening and was still a lot of people outside the zoo.I hope I can come back soon because I think this is a really fun place.