In my opinion,my father is the busiest person in the family.He works at a university.Besides giving lectures,he does most of the house work.Almost every day he has a full schedule and can’t afford much leisure.

Yesterday,for example,he had to get up very early.He did some shopping,prepared our breakfast,and went to work in a hurry,because he had to go to the classroombefore 8 o’clock.Right after the first two classes,he went to his office to prepare his lessons for the next day.He came back home at 12.He cooked our lunch and wrote a letter.After lunch he went out to mail the letter.Afterward,he had an appointment with his friend to talk some important thing over.On the way to work,he had his hair cut and shoes repaired.Then he went to the lab to do experiments.In the evening,he corrected students’reports until 11.

Although my father is a very busy person,he feels happy.He often says:”Being idle will make me ill.”So he often finds something to do to keep himself busy.

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