Mothers day is a holiday for all mothers. In this holiday, my mother is very happy, but mother is going to work. I thought, what gift should I give my mother?


  My mother is an angel of white. She is very busy at work, but I have to take time to take care of me and help me with my studies. Ive always wanted to send a gift to my mom. Its mothers day and dad is at work, so Ill give them a surprise.


  I thought to my left and came up with a good idea to make a card for my mother. The idea must be, Ill get to it. I took out my pen, my card, my marker. I drew a smiley face on the left side of the card, a heart on the right, and a color on the right. I wrote a sentence below the heart: mom, I love you! On the top of the picture: happy mothers day! Finally finished!


  Just at this moment, mom and dad came back from work, I hurriedly to the mother, mother smiled happily, gave me a sweet kiss, my father saw also smiled.



  Today is mothers day. I decided to surprise my mother.


  In the morning, my parents go to work and I do housework at home. I saw many plates without a brush, and I brushed the dishes. First of all, I put the bowl in order and then fill it with water, drop in a few drops of detergent, and then prepare the towel and wash the dishes in the order of the inside out. Then, tap the tap and rinse it off with tap water. Finally, I learned my mothers appearance and pressed the bowl in hot water. “Done! “I cried joyfully.


  At last! I think of my mom and dad working very hard. I cook for me at home and do my laundry… They are great. I will study hard in the future and repay my parents! After that, I began to work again, sweeping, scrubbing, washing my clothes… “Ding-dong! Ding-dong! The doorbell rang, and I hurried to open the door, and my mother came back. “Happy holidays to you! “I said, pointing proudly to the clean house. The moment my mothers eyes were red, she said to me happily, “good boy, you are great, you grow up…” I smiled happily.


  Im happy this mothers day!



  Today is mothers day, I took part in the “I make the cake for my mother”. The teacher told us a story about mother first, and then I realized the greatness of mother love.


  And then were going to go to the theme — making the cake. The teacher gave each of us a piece of bread, and the cake chef told us the steps to make the cake first, and we did it. Put butter on the bread, I use a knife to scrape the cream, then the most interesting things to do, is to use different color and taste of cream on the cake draw cute design. I used a blueberry oil painting of hair, a chocolate-flavored oil painting eye, and a strawberry oil painting nose and mouth. Then a small cake is finished.


  I gave it to my favorite mom, and although the cake wasnt very good, my mother said, “it makes more sense for you to make the cake yourself!”



  Today is mothers day.


  I got up early, ran to my mother, hugged my mother and said, “mom, happy mothers day! “My mothers eyes narrowed as she listened. She touched my head and said,” my son has grown up. “”


  Although today is mothers day, or Sunday, mom is not at all relaxed. In addition to my busy work, my mother does housework and takes care of my studies and life. What I admire most is the ability to do a better job, and she USES her working hours to “recharge” her professional knowledge. Mom is working too hard.


  Today, together, she is busy. The mother finished the housework and told me to do my homework at home and then went out with her study materials. Looking at my mothers back, I thought: I must study hard, I will do my own thing, no longer let my mother worry about me.


  Mom, happy mothers day!



  Today is mothers day. I got up early.


  Just got up, first thing, I wear clothes, wash face, brush my teeth, eat, eat a meal, I comb over head, just pick up the phone to call my mother, my mother just got a call from the I, I said: “mom, happy mothers day!” The mother suddenly said: I didnt know it was mothers day. I said, actually, I didnt know it was mothers day, grandma told me. “Mom said, oh.


  Then I said, “mom, can we get video? ” mom said: when I finish my meal, Ill go back to you video.” I said, ok. at that moment, grandma came back and said, today, I saw a shoe store in the street. It was 19 yuan. “My sister said, Im going to buy a pair of shoes.” grandma said, ok. When they got back, mom called and said, now you can do video. I said, ok. My mother and I went out and turned off the computer and went under the building for 100 shuttlecocks.


  How happy mothers day is!